Saturday, March 1, 2014

Motherhood. Redefined.

There are moments that redefine our very existence.  Having my third child was one of those moments.  I knew having three children was going to be a vast contrast from my neat little box of four.  But now that our little one is coming on three months, this truth is all the more clear.
Welcome our little man!  Born in December.  
The girls tell everyone he is their 'first' baby brother.  
Mom quickly corrects that he's there ONLY baby brother!

I've heard many moms of little boys say that it is a different world with a son.  I didn't think about this very much.  But this little man IS a mama's boy.  Sure Daddy gets to cuddle when he's available (night shift). But for the most part I'm his 24/7; and until our schedule changes, this makes juggling the girls, homeschool and life in general very say the least.  I realize this is the norm at this stage, but I guess I really forgot (between pregnancies) what it is like the first few months. And mostly for good reason, ha!

I haven't taken time to blog in months.  There have been many A-ha moments when I would think, "I need to blog about this".   Because the humor must be shared! 

Example.  That redefining moment I mentioned earlier?  Yeah, that would be when BB (baby boy) was three weeks old.  It was around 3 am.  We were up for a feeding.  So as I'm feeding him, Goose needs me to help her in the potty.  While walking toward the bathroom (BB still latched), Prissy wakes with a nightmare!  So just to be clear:  BB on breast, oldest yelling for help, and middle screaming for Mommy to make it better.  all at once.  yeah.

Life since December has definitely brought a whole new meaning to the term "Welcome to Motherhood".  I've talked with some other new moms recently. Smiles are shared when we think of looking back on this season and admiring the women we were...are?!?!  

Parenthood. A precious gift. 
Children. A priceless inheritance.
Showers daily... A luxury!  :)
     Enjoy every moment. 

1. Don't bottle up the emotion tryin to be super-woman.  It won't happen. 
2. Remember to breathe. 

Laugh, cry, scream and above all exhale. Vent to that one sweet friend who is always available to listen and support you with encouraging words. And if you don't have anyone like that in your life, leave your "exhales" here in the comments.  I will listen.

I'm praying peace for all you Super Strong Mamas today! As you mold, nurture, chase and charm the little ones you've been blessed with... No matter their age.  You were chosen just for them. And I'm rootin' for you!!!

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