Friday, February 8, 2013

a Message in the Fog...
On Wednesday, for the first time since being in Oklahoma, the fog that set in was so thick it lasted all day.  As we ran our errands, I bleakly stared out the window.  Thinking this day fit my mood.  And everyone around me knew it.  Lately, it had been a chore simply to get out of bed, to keep house or affectionately be who I loved being. Then it came to me. This fog held symbolism beyond my mood.  I realized that looking at this fog was like looking into our future.  Even though I could not see very far, it was still there.  Something.
The fog that afternoon has captivated my memory for two days now.  Thoughts of my short sightedness, just like the fog.  For reasons we cannot see, the fog remains hiding the distant path.  In the landscape that we are able to see clearly, rest assured there are lessons to learn.  And if not taken at a slower pace, drifting too far into the fog can be dangerous. 
At times, the fog's density is to hide things that may be more fearful than the fog itself.  God cares about our journey.  And sometimes he gives just enough clarity for the steps we currently need to take; shielding us from surroundings that may cause panic and doubt.
I am amazed at how, when I am at my weakest, He shows me something like this. mysteriously simple.  I have learned a great deal this week about my dependance; needing to lean solely on my Creator.  After all, if word be true, He knows what I need before I ask.  To trust His guidance and care of our lives and future is daunting at best.  But moments like these, with the revelation of the fog, my spiritual visibility is perfectly clear.

So I hold to the unwavering joy of what I cannot see.  Unexplainable and sometimes misunderstood, this hope is the anchor of my soul.  No matter the struggle, no matter the view, and no matter how hard life has tried to squeeze it from my being, I must carry on in hope.  And with each moment of surrender, I find a glimpse of symbolism in the world around me.  Grace

It's as if He is whispering, "I am here.  At the next turn in the road.  With just enough light to renew hope for your journey.  Come.  Don't give up."  And the fog lifts.


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Just what I needed on this foggy morning in India! :) Thank you for letting God use you to encourage and bring light to so many of us!