Update (7/2014):  We switched curriculum back in February.  Goose is now using the BJU Homeschool DVD curriculum.  After much research, we decided this was the best choice for our family as we welcomed our third Little.  I was hesitant at first, mainly because DVD study meant that I would be less involved.  This concern became my greatest gratitude over the last few months.  The distance learning system has allowed me to focus on all that I have going within the home and with a new baby.  Goose is thriving in her new environment and loves the teachers!  Prissy will begin K5 in the fall to join Goose as we continue our journey.  You can find out more about our curriculum choice here.

Below you will find links to blogs I've done on homeschool as well as other sites that have helped shape our experience. 

Life as a Sojourner

Ready, Set, Homeschool!

The UN-curriculum

The Homeschool Room

Our Schedule  
(written way back post on our schedule coming soon)

I am a rookie at this, but I recognize the value of other's ingenius ideas! Erica is AMAZING and her website has so many resources!  We purchased her K4 curriculum and I am still infusing it into K5.  There are free printables as well.  Check it out and follow her blog.  Lots of giveaways!
The Ultimate Homeschool  A 'google' for navigating through the initial startup as well as information on methods of teaching, curriculum and just about anything else homeSchool!  This site will connect you with other homeschool moms who are trekking the same path!  I've found many useful blogs to follow as well as interesting personalities and lifestyles to share and enjoy along the way!  This site is a neat tool for printables that help with pre-K.  Goose loved doing the Alphabet Buddies and making up stories to go along with them! 
I plan to attach more information as we go along... thanks for stopping by.

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