Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY: 5 gift ideas for under $20

This time of year always pricks my little DIY heart, especially when prepping for the holiday rush is essential on a small budget. So, today, I'll provide you with pictures of my favorite gift projects. For $20 or less, a little effort and, if you are like me, a lot of paint thinner'll have really neat gifts for your loved ones! I must say, some of these ideas are not genuine, but many projects usually build on borrowed inspiration, right?
I love handmade crafts. I love paint. I adore crochet for kids.  I've dabbled in artistic attempt and made many homely homemade things, but have to admit I still can't work the crochet needle. I'll leave that to my mother, who is brilliantly talented at all things yarn.                           

1.  Homemade Stationery.
My bestie, Sunshine, introduced me to this idea many years ago!  From crumpled gift wrap to personalized sketches to this....cardstock & fun scissors.   It is SO simple and fun.  Just add the envelopes and a little twine bow!
This stationery was for a friend, who had survived breast cancer! 
 2.  Personalized Canvas.  These are a little more time consuming due to the paint layers, but the finished product is worth it!

Prime the canvas, start with the back layers, apply the name.

What little boy doesn't love camo?
...or girls for that matter!
This was for my teenage cousin
who obviously loves softball. 
I've also used a megaphone for cheerleading.
And for the little girls, polka dots are always fun to paint!   I love these colors!

3. Yarn Letters. This is a new attempt this year.  VERY time consuming, but also very beautiful.  There are many tutorials online for this craft. 
I purchased the letters and thanks to my crocheting mother, I was able to keep the cost low by using her leftover yarn. 
If you must purchase the yarn, then make the letters (another online tutorial) to help keep costs low.  Makes a great housewarming gift!

4.  The Door Hanger.  Less time consuming than the word, obviously.  The options for the hanger and style are dependant on who it's for.  This was a wedding gift, so I did it a little more elegantly.  Always consider the person's decor and get to wrapping!

5.  Handprints.  This is a good way to include your children and meet your bonding quota for the day.  Plus it makes a great gift for the Grands!  
As you can see, it's not that stressful to create gifts that hold great sentimental value.  And as with any project, the style, colors & message hold endless options!   So here's to Happy Holiday Preparation ;)
What are some of your favorite DIY gift projects?


  1. I think of two sayings when I see these thoughtful gifts-home is where the heart is and it's the thought that counts. Putting time and love into something and sharing it is PRICELESS! I know there will be many delighted faces when opening these special, holiday gifts. Love it!

    1. Thank you Joye! You are always so encouraging!

  2. Love the HOME yarn letters. Yes, they take patience, but soo worth it! And those colors together look great!

    1. Thanks Lydia! I'll make Pip some when we know what colors to use!