Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crazy is O.K.

A few weeks ago, while Goose and Prissy were in summer ballet camp,   I met a few other moms.  At first glance, I was very intimidated.  Thinking I was the only mom who didn't have life with littles figured out.  However, as we shared with each other for one hour a day, four days that week, we all realized, "Thank God!  We are not crazy."  
No, we are the new normal.  

We shared our anxieties, that of late had left us battling a crazy version of ourselves. We concluded, of course, the reasoning: sleep deprivation, teething babies, homeschoolers who didn't want to do school, middle child syndrome. And on, and on, and on...
After that week, I was so grateful for a simple decision to break from my normal and take the girls to ballet.  The best gift I've received in a long time came in meeting these three women.  Homeschool moms with littles.  Each feeling unhealthy, crazy; and with a twisted sense of happy, we were all so grateful for each other.  I saw this as the olive beach God had for me as he chuckled at my realization that "crazy is ok". 


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