Saturday, December 15, 2012

Overwhelming realities

Much has been said of the tragedies in Connecticut. And justifiably so.

But I must share... Our baby girl loves to sing "shake your booty" as i am drying her off after bath time. I'm usually rushing them off to bed at this point so I can straighten the bathroom that is now covered in bubbles.

Not so tonight... We enjoyed our time as Prissy did the bath dance and Goose's laughter echoed through the house. WJ and I tucked them in slower than usual as I sang an extra verse of the "fall down" song.

Tears streamed down my face as the girls began to sing with me... YOU ARE MY STRENGTH WHEN I AM WEAK, the treasure that I seek... YOU are my all in all.

Somewhere in the northeast tonight, there are so many parents who will never have this opportunity again... To simply give their little ones a bath, to tuck them in. i thought of the heartache of seeing their presents sitting under the tree that will never be opened and shared Christmas morning.

Don't rush life. It's too precious to miss simply because we, as adults, have lost sight of the magic it brings. Not just this season but every day in the smallest of moments.

Life truly is a vapor... And that overwhelms me to no end.

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