Thursday, December 13, 2012

Accidentally Delicious

Many memories come to mind as I think of Dad's opinion of my culinary skills, or lack thereof.  BBQ chicken was one of the only things he thought I could cook.  He never believed that I had any skill in the kitchen; and with good reason, seeing as how I did not cook AT ALL until I got married!  So with a few hilarious stories of 'meals gone bad', Dad set his mind to this logic. 
Even though I had come a long way in just a few short years, Dad still requested this one dish every time I offered to cook. He justified it by saying that if I granted his request, then there would be no need to go to Cane's afterward.  So, as we remember him this week, I made his baked BBQ chicken today, which is also Goose' favorite, making this one of my first family recipes
But this blog is not about the chicken.  It is about the cole slaw...
First let me state that it takes a pretty good coleslaw recipe to impress me.  Being from the South, I have had my share of horrible attempts at this basic dish; so much so that I will not eat it in a restaurant.  Ever.  I am not a fan of the vinegar taste, or the sweetness for that matter.   In looking for new recipes and healthier eating, I decided to try and make it... after all, it is another way to get 'green' on the table.  We won't mention the amount of Hellman's that totally hides all the healthy color!
I bought the precut mix (Eat Smart) and set out to make my first Coleslaw for lunch one day last week!  Since I had no idea what to use for the dressing, I broke my own rule and followed the recipe on the bag...FAIL.  While it was a hit with the girls, I hated it.  Thus the rule:  Don't use the recipe on the box or bag.  There is a reason they aren't in a cookbook! 
Today, I came up with another version, and I have to say, it may be detrimental to the diet because I could have eaten the whole bowl!
Here is what I added to the mix
1/2 packet of dry italian dressing mix
2 heaping tablespoons of Hellman's
grated parmesan cheese (you decide how much)
Now, I know that mayonaise is like bacon... not good for you but EVERYTHING tastes better when you include it!  I mixed this together and voila!
Italian Coleslaw!
I'm looking for another name because frankly I do not think the words coleslaw and italian should ever go together in a sentence... Suggestions? 
What are some of your favorite 'made up' recipes?  I would love to hear about your accidentally delicious meals!

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  1. I like the name! And I'm not so sure about mayo being the same as bacon...everything is better with it? That's debatable... ;)