Saturday, December 8, 2012

Family, Firsts & a few Nicknames

Our recent trip to Mississippi held many firsts... 
I love 'firsts', if you didn't already know!
First of all, I have two friends back home in MS that were pregnant. 
So it was a treat to get to visit with both on this trip...and one surprised us all!

The arrival of Mag-Pie was the 1st first
Sorry, couldn't resist...
This little 'New Dat' came early just so I could meet her!  And there is a post coming with more of this precious child.

Then came the "Days of Nesting"...
The girls and I spent time helping prepare for the second baby of the season. 
This one was a little more determined not to arrive while I was there. 
SHE was not concerned with my schedule at all.

This year we were so excited to spend Thanksgiving
with my Grandmother Gummie and our Grand-Aunt Sadie. 
I love the name Sadie,
so I couldn't replace it.  
Gummie and Goose enjoy writing stories together about our family. 
Bear was helping. 

 Thanksgiving breakfast rolls!
Heaven and butter smashed together... 
And yes, I ate the other half of this pan!
 My Grand-Aunt Sadie is amazing, and fully responsible for the 5 lbs.
I must have gained on this trip!
 Prissy helped in the baking, I mean tasting!
This was the girls first Thanksgiving to spend with Gummie and Sadie... Time at their house is always so refreshing.  After the girls were asleep at night, we sat and read from Proverbs or prayed for family.  These two women are as solid in the Lord as any I've ever known.  I am grateful for them and time spent together.
Yes, that did sound like a Hallmark card.
But so true.

And then came time with the Cousins!!!  These are some of my FAVORITE people in the world. 

 This is Strawberry Shortcake, or better known by me as Bella-baloo, the tenderhearted sweetheart.
I know, I know.. I love nicknames!


This is Drewby
Our little cowboy...

As we were leaving last week,
       he was lasso-ing his sister.  

And then, there is sweet Ada-Gace!
This nickname comes primarily from Prissy's pronunciation. 

I love her faces...and those Precious Moments eyes!

There are many other cousins not pictured in this post... some because they had the flu, and well, we just didn't want to hug on them at the time... others we were not able to see at all. 

During this season of family and faith, let those who are closest know that you love them.  Hug them, if they aren't sickly.  Be sure to tell them how much it means to have 'the ones you cannot choose' with you through this wonderful time of year!

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