Monday, December 3, 2012

Motherhood & Missions

A good day.  A good, good kind of day.  After a week of sluggish little girls with stuffy noses, I was pleased to welcome this monday morning with a few best friends' anticipation of her firstborn in Mississippi and a text message from Hong Kong.
The morning started with the realization that my eyes opened at the exact time my bestie was scheduled to be at the hospital for induction.  Her butterball of a baby (no gender or name yet) is to arrive today since he (because I just refuse to call it...IT ) has pushed 'Little Mississippi Mama' into her 41st week of pregnancy.  This little family was one of the reasons we traveled to MS in November.  It was a special time with our family and friends as we put the finishing touches on the gender neutral nursery.  Plus, Thanksgiving! (more to come on this)  The trip was very crucial for us in light of the fact that we could not be there today. 
So, I sit in Oklahoma this morning, texting and laughing with her.  And as I collect written thoughts, she is enjoying jolly ranchers and pitocin. 
My other first came almost simultaneously.  While in conversation through text to Mississippi, I receive a message from Hong Kong!  Our little missionary firecracker left Africa this weekend and finally arrived safely in Asia.  It was so refreshing to hear from Ash.  I could feel the excitement of whats to come this month as they transition.  How strange it must be to go from primitive living in the bush to big city China!  A literal 'culture shock'.  Yet the fascination and passion she has for missions is in full force and I am so pleased to have the technology available to share her experience.  As our conversation/typing progressed, I realized that this truly is her calling.  She is in awe of the world and it's diversity.  Our small town girl abroad...  Serving and sharing her life, forgiven and free.
So you see, I simply could not let the beginnings of this day go un-written.  It has been too special already and baby is not even here yet!  More to come... Happy Monday

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