Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life in Autumn...

This season brings a nostalgia that cannot be explained.  I find myself missing life as a child: visiting Grandparents, football, fall festivals and all the preparation of cooking and crafts that soon come with Autumn.  With this last statement you'd think that we lived in an area known for wonderful weather and four actual seasons... don't be misled.  Our gulf climate is more of a roller coaster.  Yes, we had a day of cool weather that kick-started everyone purchasing pumpkins and decorating mailboxes.  But with temps still reaching 85 degrees, it's more about tradition and change than actual weather.  The weather cooling off every 10 days or so is just an added bonus.

I long for my daughters to have memories as sweet as my Mama Doll's pound cake.  I cannot wait to have oak trees as old as molasses and leaves so thick in the yard that they can jump in Daddy's piles like we did our Papaw's.  One day... as WJ would say.

We have some traditions as a family and it usually begins with the Pecan Festival.  WJ's cousins have been hosting this event for many years and we LOVE attending. 

The girls in their favorite tree at the pecan orchard...

The animals were way more important than the crafts... second only to Cotton Candy

Goose's butterfly... best face paint I've seen in a while.

Sweet Baby A watching the "little horses"

Third place behind Cotton Candy and the animals, was of course:  CORN.  (her meal of the day)

We walked the rows of crafts, spent too much on little games, food and Tshirts.  But it was well worth it to have Daddy home, and Grammy in tow!  It was a very special day for the family.

My creativity is in high gear as this season creeps in...  Homeschooling helps.  Although my mind does not need much to start a project.  And with the addition of Pinterest to my daily activities, my mind is on DIY overload! There are some ideas brewing, but nothing tangible yet... 

I hope that this season brings the you closer to understanding the importance of the little things.  Daily activities with your children (as simple as a bedtime story).  Crafts, when you have time, create new memories as you cherish each and every moment.  And remembering.... even if it pricks the sadness in your heart for loved ones passed, it's still worth the memory.  Nostalgia is a positive.  It challenges me to make the most of today and prepare tomorrow to be even better!  Happy Autumn!

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