Friday, October 14, 2011

Life does not stop, nor does it wait.

This day has been a sheer test of my parental grasp on reality.  I have gotten through the last 12 hours by continuously reminding myself that things could be much worse. Sure I can believe that.  Easily too, if I focus on the homeless with little hope or natural disasters that don't stop for anyone.  But that does not mean that, today, life waited for me to catch up or catch on either.   

Tonight, I type not to vent, or exhale as I've come to fashion the term.  I simply think this is what a blog is for.  (The fact that the very word sounds so close to BLAH makes me smile.)  And although I'm not even sure what blogs are really supposed to accomplish, I do know this...I love written thought.  And that is the closest I can come to defining the word at all.  Blog: Written thoughts.  Typed, written.  Yada yada (random alphabet, clarified below). I do prefer pencil and parchment to keyboard & screen!  
Letters are good... I still make and use stationery...

Yet as this day ends, with all my exhaled thoughts, I still feel that Peace within.  The knowing that everything we need, everything I desire is right here.  Within...reach.  Within sight, though I may not see it yet.  Within this home as I hear the sound of a baby breathing peacefully in slumber.  The sound of a melody to calm the dream world and allow my oldest to see with joyful imagination.  There is so much we cannot fathom.  I do hope more is left to the imagination as we continue to exhale, and grow. 

And as for the informal style of this Blah, i mean blog...  blame it on a random alphabet within my head.

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  1. I love reading your "blah" thoughts .... and I love you, and your imagination, and your home and your kids and the music you play for Hannah at night. Keep "blah-ing" .... your transparent thoughts are encouraging to the rest of us!! :)