Tuesday, February 5, 2013

India. Ashli's view

Landed safely in Heryderbad around midnight, traveled by bus to a hostel where we slept for a few hours, had lunch, worship, cultural orientation, slept more, and left for an overnight bus ride to our ministry headquarters. Our team is jet lagged and hungry but so excited for this month doing VILLAGE MINISTRY!! (YAY!) As far as living conditions, we'll be tenting - Not sure where we will poop or use wifi. My sleeping pad has a leak in it so please pray that Jesus makes a way for me to somehow get rest.
Yesterday, our contact said, "India is the country that will show you that you cannot do this in your own strength."
that said...
India is amazing.
Not because we have beds or toilets or showers or reliable wifi, 'cause we don't. But because we are constantly uncomfortable, always stinky and dirty, and pray the Internet works long enough for us to post a FB status. Ya see, I'm finding that the more comfort we're given, the more we think we deserve. YET, put us in a place where all comfort and normalcy is stri...pped and we find joy in the smallest things. You've never seen 6 people more excited to find out there was ice cream at the end of our dinner last night. Dinner that we did not recognize nor could we pronounce the name of.
Today, wherever you are around the world, try going without something you're used to.
Stretch yourself - and in that, find that your strength is not enough, nor will it ever be. But His.... His is more than enough.
Peace, love, and spicy curry - Ashli :)

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  1. I love you and your blogs about me always make me smile really big!! :)
    Wish you were here... really.