Thursday, January 3, 2013

Raw confession

Ok, so I'm finally going public. I am overweight.

If you just giggled, good! Because starting today, I could use your humor to get through the awkward moments of putting myself out there... Accountable to you.
All six of you.

I have failed in the past three years to actually stay consistent and whip my 5ft frame back into shape. If i had just done it right after baby, it would have been so much easier. I could list the excuses and reasons that have contributed to this, but bottom line is.... It's all on me.

Every day I think about it. Every morning I wake up determined to do better. Some days I do. Most I do not. Being a stay at home mommy makes it tricky being that most days my wardrobe consists of PJ's or leggings, no make up and shirts with paint all over them!

Although i see being 20+ too big as a major issue, it gets old to be thought of as "not" having weight issues because I have a small frame. Thankfully, this is not an internal problem. I have a wonderful husband who is not only patient and understanding, but also very supportive.

So, I am starting with our daily routine. We are pretty scheduled with home and homeschool. Now I'm applying it to my personal appearance. Each morning, I am going to "get ready". Just as if I was going out, I will BE for myself and my family what I would attempt to be for society (Old timers would call this "gettin done up"). And that's just what I'm going to do. Because WHO I see in the mirror is going to gauge HOW I see myself. And act accordingly.

So there. I am transparent. No pictures yet. I have before pics, but hey, this post was hard enough. Not going to make it harder... Yet.

Baby steps! Happy New Year!

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