Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter is here

This week, between Christmas and New Years, is the laziest week for me. Why you ask? Simple. Winter has arrived in a frenzy of ice, snow and temps barely above freezing... And that's in the afternoon! Add that to the never ending supply of green and red caramel Hershey kisses and you can imagine my dilemma! I haven't wanted to get out of my pajamas for days!

Being a true Southern girl, I'm still adjusting to actually putting my flip flops in the attic til Spring. Where I grew up you had a slight chance of wearing them with shorts and a long sleeve shirt to Christmas dinner.

So as I sit tonight, watching Stuart Little with the girls, I contemplate the necessity of actually getting up. not quite.

After all, it isn't January 1st yet, is it? That's when the resolutions begin... And I'm convinced they stem from the lazy days between Christmas and the New Year!!

Happy nothing-ness to all and to all a slow night!

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