Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pulling the sweet tooth...

Yesterday was a great day in the journey to shrinking. Even saw my first decrease in weight: down 2.5 pounds this week!! Yet this was only the calm before the storm...

Out of nowhere, today I found myself standing over the cake. The cute chocolate cake that Goose made for us on New Years...and yes, yes I did. Fail.

Do I regret having the cake in the house? no. Because the memories of baking with my daughters is something that is very dear to me. We have designated Sundays and holidays for these times of indulgence, or "letting the sweet tooth loose" as the girls say. Although I have declared that I'm pulling my sweet tooth out for a while :)

I simply have to allow my will power to overpower my weakness!!

So what was the trigger? Well the day started out good, worked out early and eating clean through lunch. Then it hit. I was overwhelmed with a dirty house, dirty clothes & trying to get Christmas stuffed back into the attic (a bit nostalgic missing my Mom...and my Dad). The girls are restless, the hubs is working yet another weekend... Need I say more? Good. Because I try not to excuse myself from life. So why this paragraph? Because I want you to know that you are not alone. Temptations and pressure will come begging you to give in. But there is a way to beat it...

It's all in the mind. Prepare mentally for the day as much as you do physically. If I had started my day with a mental workout, a little reading/prayer, it may have been a better day. It's ALL mental!

And another thing! what if? my twisted little subconscious tried reward itself for actually shrinking this week... This is a VERY lame but reoccurring affect in the female journey. Don't fall into this trap.

Note to self: Just because you reached a goal doesn't mean it's time for a treat... Especially the first week! So I dropped a pound or two. Big whoop. High five the mirror and move on!

I am picking myself up and starting the day over. Right now. 2pm

On a side note...
Here's a little bit of sunshine in my storm of a morning.... Ms. Prissy joined mommy in the fitness groove. How cute is this? (and yes, I know, my girls never wear clothes)

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