Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breathe. Inspiration for Moms.

It's the most anticipated (by me), "Gonna Be Inspiring" (for me) book for Moms this year !  And it's only January 8th! 
I have been following the story of how this book evolved for a few months now and it has been refreshing... so many Moms on overload or burnout and these two ladies discerned our needs and wrote the book!  Maybe you don't feel this way, maybe you have a handle on your everyday happenings, which is fantastic.  I do, most (some) days.  But there are those days, you know which ones I'm talking about... And it's those days that this book will remind us that, at some point, we have to exhale. 

I'm not usually an advocate for 'ranting' about books, people, movies (well, maybe movies)... but this one is going to be worth the read!  
If you are:
the new Mommy (a little scared)
the toddler Mommy (a little frazzled)
or just the Mom (I've heard the name changes, with syllables added,
                                                                      around 5th grade:  enough said)
       ORDER it today

There is even a plea for seasoned moms (who are past the fearful, frazzled & annoyed years) to reach out and help younger mothers in the journey.   I enjoy the blogs that these two authors have and I am so grateful for the community of moms that it has linked me to.

The link for the book
There are actual giveaways on this site if you order this week, which is way cool.  I mean, what Mom wants to pass up a chance for free coffee, or massages for an ENTIRE YEAR?!?!  and even a trip to COLORADO?  thought so. 
go.  now.  order.  be inspired to engage life as a mother and realize that some days, it's not all natural and easy.  But there are ways to enjoy the kid(s) and be pretty good at it in the process!

exhaling now...
leave a comment and let me know what you think of the sample chapter or the blogs if you get a chance to check them out!

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