Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our week in pictures

Yes, I am a football gal.
An SEC football gal to be exact! 
And I enjoyed the game,
although it was a little boring through the middle. 
Hey, i'm still a female...

-- Bama winning another Championship... expected.
-- My BF's lack of enthusiasm that kept me in stitches during the game... PRICELESS!!!
Roll Tide!

The girls were a little excited about school this week.  Score! 
And... they love dress up.  Its the only time I can keep them in clothes at all.

Ready for summer, or the science lab...

I love books.  This one launched this week at
It's been fun doing the giveaways. 
Now I'm just waiting on my trip to Colorado & the new mixer, ha!

Funny faces from the Phillipines & Target

Going green at the Harris' household...
Way overdue.
This is a veggie concoction. 
Carrots, Spinach, Cucumber,
Naked Juice (yes, mom I used the word...inside family joke)
It was actually tasty.  The girls loved it.
Now if I can just make money from writing silly stuff to support our healthy grocery budget.  Yeah.
Like anything else, BECOMING healthy takes a lot of time and money. 
But I'd rather spend it on food than doctors!
It's been a good week here.  Getting ready to start a new bible study on Monday.
The new year is looking pretty calm.  I'm excited about that. 
Happy Sunday!




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