Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Sundays are a family day to be lazy, run around the yard (me, not so much), shop, sleep or whatever else we decide to get into.  It usually begins with early communion and then a little family time over the biggest breakfast of the week.  And this meal is only the beginning... 
Reese's Cupcakes and Choc Chip Cookies
Sundays are fun days because we EAT.  There is no calorie counting or meal plans and my fitness pal takes the day off.  The only plan we have is to eat, enjoy our time together and, if we aren't outside, watch football or Curious George.  Did I mention we eat?
After a large portion of either pancakes, french toast, or some other dessert disguised as a breakfast food, I prepare the crock pot for Sunday dinner.   No weekend is complete without comfort food.  Lunch usually consists of leftovers (Papa Murphy's is the best) or junk food, or both.  I do try to moderate the girls intake of sugar most of the time, but it's not called 'Sunday Funday' for nothin'. 
My favorite dessert
Today has been a great day, but I have learned the hard lesson of past experience:  Sunday recovery is a necessity.  I MUST motivate myself to prepare for Monday.  A little time spent reviewing lesson plans is about the extent of it.  Perhaps the most important aspect of my recovery is to stop the crazed eating by 5 p.m., especially caffeine. I've slowly introduced the girls to a love of Dr. Pepper.  No feelings of remorse here.  If you could hear Prissy asking, "Momma, on some Docta Peppa peez", you would understand my lack of guilt. 
And so with the completion of our fort made of blankets, a few chewy chocolate morsels, and a difficult rendering of Fox in Socks, we have enjoyed this day.  After all, in a world where taking a sabbath is almost unheard of, we try to maintain a little reverence. 
What are some of your Sunday Funday traditions? 

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