Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Schedule

A day in the Harris' household is fairly predictable.  Our schedule has evolved into a functioning plan that fits our family. 
Typical day for us...
8:00-8:30  "family alarm clock"  this is wake up time for the girls.  The 'family' reference is to the new clock Goose received that is old school, Hello Kitty with twin bells!  (loud enough to wake the neighbors) Thus, the new family joke.
8:30-9:00  breakfast & dress-up  because every morning is dress up with Goose and Prissy!  We use this time to eat, brush teeth, get dressed and make beds.  And anything else I can do in 3.2 seconds before school.
9:00  Moship (worship in motion) 
         Prayer Time
         Pledge of Allegiance
         "My World" days of the week, address/phone number, calendar and weather
9:30  Math for Goose / Shapes & Colors for Prissy
10:00  Snack
10:30  Core Letters & Phonics Prissy usually hangs with us up til snack, then watches Letter Factory (if you don't have it, get it!)
11:00  Lunch Prep / Play Time 
12:00  Lunch
1:00  Reading with the girls  book of choice
1:30  Road Trip USA (Prissy down for a nap)
2:00  Science or Art 
3:00-5:00  Our Time  Errands, Craft, Outdoor Play, Movie, Chores, Dinner Prep
5:30  Dinner with Daddy
6:00-8:00 Family Time 
8:00  Bath Time
8:30  Bedtime Bible Stories & Nighty Night!
9:00  Breathe!  You made it through another day :)
We are very eclectic, using workbook curriculum with math and core letters only. I'll post more on what we study and learn tomorrow.
It may seem crazy to have a schedule, or you may think it's impossible.  But I have to tell you, after many days of moving and being off our schedule... I am relieved to be back to normal.  In the two weeks that we have been full force in school, I can tell you that the girls are happier and there have been LESS times of discipline and consequences! 
This works for our family.  We were crazy without it!  Find what fits for you and be open to tweeking it a few times as you go along.  Just remember, life happens, so leave a little 'wiggle room' in every day. 

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