Monday, August 22, 2011

masks & the rookie

Being from the South, we pride ourselves on hospitality...seemingly caring about our neighbor, when our actions and sometimes our words say otherwise.  What do I mean by this??  Well, honestly, we ask EVERY SINGLE acquaintance, friend and family member in passing, "How are you doing?".  But do we really listen to their answer.  You may hear the words coming out of their mouth, but are you listening?

And if you are one who is answering, are you honest or simply putting on the mask?  Smile and reply, "Oh, we are doing fine".  Now you may get those 'busy bee' types who'll tell you they never slow down or the ones who think no one is ever as stressed. But for the sake of this rookie's blog, I am writing about the ones who really need you to hear them.  It's not the people who shout their issues who truly need a neighbor.  It's the woman who will wear her mask until she actually believes that everything is alright. 

Obviously we cannot unload, vent or exhale (emphasis mine) on every person who asks or doesn't ask I might add...  But I have found in the last 3 years who my real neighbors are.  Not the people who live in the house next door, but those who can listen and honestly not pity me when times are tough.  The people who never seemed burdened by honesty and are always willing to laugh or cry alongside me.

Maybe this is too heavy a topic for a blog, especially for a rookie blogger.  As I created the blog site this morning (on the encouragment of a friend or two) I thought to myself, "Who in the world wants to read my thoughts & what in the world will I write about?"  Maybe you'd like for me to write about how cute my girls are, or our weekend activities...not sure.  Maybe I'll provide a little of both.  But today, my thoughts lean to wondering where true community exists.  Neighbors:  friends, family, loved ones, acquaintances & even those we don't care to see this side of eternity.  Honestly, we all need each other.  Step out of your day planner and look around.  You may be surprised at what you see, even in your own house!  It sure woke me up...

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  1. I LOVE your honesty and unwillingness to back away from the truth!! Thank you for always being my "neighbor." I love you so much!