Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Text message from Africa

On a normal morning, waking up to the annoying sound of a text would be just that.  Annoying.  However, as I rolled over early yesterday morning and looked at the screen, I was overjoyed!  A text message from Africa!  Ashli had managed to send a few messages while in the city, before going out into 'the bush' for the week.  For this post... 'the bush' will be in small quotations, why?  because I think it sounds cool and dangerous.  more dangerous than cool.  HUMOR ME.
It was so refreshing to read her enthusiasm about her mission.  We text'd for a few minutes back and forth with her giving me details about the city they are in... living next to the VP of the country and all.  What a feeling of safety to be in a vicinity protected by military.  However, in the very next sentence she tells me they will be in 'the bush' all week.  I can only imagine what that entails especially after walking through the family room last night.  Goose' TV time was a documentary on baby animals in the African 'bush'.  Yeah.  That not so safe and protected feeling was back.   Commence the dialogue with God....more fervently

We closed the conversation with her giving me concerns to pray about...lodging, protection from sickness & disease, and WI-FI.  She made a funny about that last request.  But I totally see how important it is for her team to stay connected.  I'm sure she is not only concerned for herself, but more importantly for that of her family here in the States.  What relief it brought for her parents, sweet Ms. Diane and Mr. Chuck, to get her phone call on Sunday morning.  I am certain, just to hear her voice brought joy to their hearts.  

She sent this pic and then said one of the best things I could have heard, especially at 7am... 
"I could not imagine doing anything else with my life right now!"
~ this heart smiles.

for more information about Ashli's adventure, go to http://ashliblackwell.theworldrace.org/  


  1. More in common, my niece spent 6 mos. in South Africa earlier this year taking care of abandoned babies at The Door of Hope. It was always such a blessing to have contact with her. She plans to return in January of 2013!

    The picture of Ashli with the children makes my heart smile! I spent this summer training teachers in Cambodia. Oh, how I miss the children that we sponsor!

  2. Haven't had the opportunity to experience foreign missions, but I love supporting those who are in the thick of it. One day, when the girls are older and life is settled (ha!) we talk of going overseas. I backpacked Europe a "little" in college, totally leisure. I would love to return to the Czech Republic for missions. We have friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia who are missionaries now! Awesome that you were able to teach them! Love it.