Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live, Laugh, Love out Loud

Cliches vex me
It is not so much any particular phrase that is so bothersome, but the meaning of the word cliche altogether.  Those closest to me know my love for a dictionary and words...

cliche:  The loss of originality, overuse of a phrase to the point
 that its effect and meaning are forgotten.
All too often, we are so desensitized in matters.  Too busy to really ponder even the simplest of phrases.   The overuse of something should not make it insignificant, but somehow it does. 
For once, pick a phrase that is 'common', see it in an extraordinary light and be amazed at what you take from it.  Try it. 

LIVE:  to be alive; to have life;
vital function...Absolutely necessary! 
We visited a butterfly house recently. The frailty of life was all around us as we stepped lightly, touched gently and, for the first time, met the nutritional needs of these creatures with a Q-Tip covered in banana! 
We just recently studied the 5 senses of life in homeschool: 
Prissy uses her sense of taste quite often and with pleasure! 
  This is an older picture, but it is a favorite...
because everyone needs to jump a puddle or two!
LAUGH:  audible expressions of
amusement, happiness, silliness, 
(and any other '-ness' that brings you to tears
in a feel-good way ;)
one of my other favorites...I shall never forget Prissy's first laugh
Silliness runs deep in our family.  Only on occasion at the dinner table,
if I can help it.
Facial expressions run pretty deep as well... the Grrr! face

Goofy-Goose wearing her grandmother's shower cap!
LOVE:  passionate, affectionate, to romance,
to fancy, to adore!
 WJ.  my love.  this taken on our honeymoon... awww, I know!
bear with me on the older photos this weekend...
 I've suddenly realized I don't have babies anymore!
and of course, we wouldn't be Harris' without a love
for the outdoors!
The power of living:  break it down, focus on the meaning and enjoy the words!   

Thanks for following our life.   


  1. Hi from waddlee-ah-chaa. We have much in common. At waddlee-ah-chaa we believe life is something you doodlee-doo, something you experience hands-on, something that makes you want to yell "Hey!"
    We believe getting children out into the world is most important. I know you found our free printables. Did you find the one on the butterfly garden. It is perfect for your visit to the butterfly house.

  2. Thanks for the info on the butterfly garden... I will def check it out! Nice to meet ya via blog :)