Monday, August 20, 2012

Ready, Set, Homeschool!

For some, the idea terrifies.  For others, excitement.
For me, both.

With all the moving, it has been a blessing to have chosen homeschool for Goose (and an almost ready Prissy).  The choice was not based on our moves... who, but the Military, could ever forsee moving 5 times in 7 years?   Homeschool would have been a choice no matter the change in geography.  I feel that would have been an empty reason for me to choose homeschool anyway.  If you are considering it, PRAY.  I recommend homeschool, obviously, but it has to work for your family.  Just to clarify. 

  This is Goose, ready for a Daddy Date!

So we started K5 early last year, as Goose was just coming into her 5th birthday in the Spring.  I had ordered the LIFEPAC math and language arts workbooks and I was still using some of the K4 curriculum I had ordered from (which I contribute most of my success up to this point).  Her website is AMAZING.  Very resourceful and totally easy to navigate!
However, we were not able to start full force due to unexpected life events.... move, Father passing, move again with widowed mom riding side saddle.  Yeah, it was a little hectic but Goose did well with all the transition.  Just before my world stopped last December (my Dad's entrance to Heaven), I was putting together an eclectic curriculum for Goose.  We found out rather quickly that she cannot handle workbook style alone, nor can she sit still for any given amount of time unless Nick Jr. is in the vicinity!  Therefore, enter the 'terrifying' aspect of homeschool:  back to the planning board.  Yes it would have been nice to open the box curriculum and get to work this fall.  Oh, no.  not this family.  not gonna work.  But isn't that the beauty of homeschool, to individualize her learning experience?  So out with the terrifying, in with the EXCITED!  I need to say, at this point, that every family, every child's learning method, will be different.  Box curriculums may be just what your children needs, and I love that.  We were, after all, created unique.  I never want the impression that I think families who use the box have less to do.  Never.  Anyone who teaches, whether public or private, has their work cut out for them.  And I commend you all!  If you are starting, I recommend this link, to help navigate through many aspects of preparation as well as the section for different methods. 

Prissy looking studious and silly!  More to come on her personality...

 Now,  we have just finished unpacking and are beginning to prepare our for the 2012-13 season.  Obviously, we are starting late because of the move.  But again, the beauty of me controlling the schedule (smile interjected)!  The past few days, I have exhausted resources for methods and viewpoints.  Check out to link up with other moms who share common interest in the journey.  I've enjoyed reading other blogs and have gleened some terrific ideas for every aspect of the home, not just the schooling.  Ok, one more link before I sign off... Our first week every season of homeschool is review.  I found this site and it enables you to create your own handwriting worksheets!  Since we haven't gotten all our supplies, it came in real handy!  I am still a newbie when it comes to blogging... not sure how to work the 'add a link' button entirely, so you may have to copy and paste.  I apologize.  But again, they are well worth it!  Good stuff.  More to come.... Happy Monday!

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